Environment Protect

In a time where protecting and preserving the environment is paramount, ENDA Ramp is proud to be at the forefront of implementing environmentally friendly industrial solutions.

Our factory’s environmental protection is based on one of the eight systems of environmental management in China. Under the current sewerage permit management program, we conduct comprehensive monitoring of water, gas, and noise in the factory and report it to the emission certificate management system at least twice a year.

Factory polishing equipment also meets the latest environmental requirements and safety standards by adopting circulating water curtain filter dust removal technology. We use automotive-grade water-based paint for our painting and currently maintain cooperation with quality paint suppliers such as ppg. We use circulate water filtration, activated carbon adsorption technology to treat exhaust gas factory produced. Frame cleaning uses “water reuse” technology on line, greatly reducing the use of clean water from the tap. The company is committed to reducing solid waste and hazardous waste every year. Both solid waste and hazardous waste are managed and disposed of by category in accordance with environmental protection law by signing recycling and disposal agreements with manufacturers qualified to handle them.

Besides, We use more environmentally friendly cleaning aids for ramp cleaning like degreasing agent, the main ingredients in the MSDM are citric acid 15%, carbonic acid 25%, fruit acid 20%, active agent 5%, and other weak acid. It replaces strong acid chemicals as cleaning aids. It is more environmentally friendly and has a higher degree of health and safety for our employees.