TR-003 Arched Steel Folding Ramps
TR-003 Arched Steel Folding Ramps


TR-003 Arched Steel Folding Ramps

Material: Steel

Color: ‎Silver

Foldable: Yes

Manufacturer: ENZE

Manufacturer Part Number:TR-003

Measures: 82"L*12.7"W/208*32CM Unfold

            43.6"L*12.7"W/111*32CM fold   

Net Weight: 29.7lbs/13.5kg/set

Capacity: 700lbs/315kg/pc  1400lbs/630kg/pair

Product Highlights

Foldable Ramps

No complicated joints, just a few seconds to install

Reverse Barrier Design

Reduce the risk of cars going backwards

Rubber Tipped Fingers

Anti-slip design provides extra security during use

Safety Straps

Keep the ramps firmly attached to the tailgate

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